Narratives For Generations, Personal Histories Told In Your Own Words

Our Process

Grandfather and child together.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."  ~Maya Angelou

Initial One-Hour Consultation

We will review expectations, desired outcomes, and key themes, and determine the scope of the project. We will talk about the structure of the sessions, audio recordings, transcripts and books. Interviews are relaxed and informal and not unlike the times you've sat with a loved one who recalled experiences from their past.

First Session

The first session focuses on information gathering, which includes your birth, your family members, and important events. The total number of sessions will be determined by your vision for the scope of the project.

Subsequent Sessions

This is your opportunity to talk about your life memories. Your stories are captured over a series of one to two-hour sessions. Everything you share is confidential, until you determine otherwise. The interview questions are custom designed to reflect your unique life experiences.

Audio Recording and Transcription

Your stories are digitally recorded and this raw data can be available to you via an audio file.  Content from the interviews are transcribed and prepared for editing. 


The transcript is organized and edited into a flowing narrative. 

Draft Process

There will be opportunities to review drafts before they go to print. Your story will not go to print until you are 100% satisfied.

Printing and Binding

Your book is professionally printed and bound after review of multiple package options.

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